Eligere Food meets the producers: Lenza Franciacorta

April 30, 2021



We went to our friend Vittorio, owner of the Lenza Franciacorta winery located on Monte Orfano to learn more about its history and the quality of its wines.

The Lenza farm was founded in 1964 by the will of Giuseppe Lenza with the recovery and reconstruction of ancient abandoned terraces, is located on Monte Orfano, the oldest geological formation present in the Po Valley and the only one of marine origin in Lombardy.

The harmonious and deeply respectful approach to the land is also maintained in the absolutely natural winemaking and sometimes diverging from the postulates of modern enology to be more coherent and closer to their philosophy of naturalness.

Here are the wines of Lenza Franciacorta:


The wines produced by the Lenza Franciacorta company are pure synthesis of an enormous investment of time, commitment, passion and feeling

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