Eligere Food meets the producers: La Fontina d'Alpeggio D.O.P

March 18, 2021


We went directly to Val d'Aosta, as you can see from the video, to select the Fontina d'Alpeggio together with our friend Ugo Bonazza, O.N.A.F.



Fontina d'Alpeggio DOP is a cheese with a milky scent, a sweet taste and a soft and melt-in-the-mouth texture, that of the mountain pastures is the finest version and is produced exclusively between May and September in the malghe located in the pastures above the 1600 meters of height.

La Fontina d'Alpeggio

It is an elastic cheese with an intense flavor and to the classic notes of fontina are added the aromas of the great variety of flowers and fresh essences that can be found in the lush summer pastures of the Aosta Valley.

In addition, Fontina d'Alpeggio D.O.P is recognized by its straw yellow color.

You can find it with us from November until the end of February in our shop.

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