I formaggi secondo Ugo Bonazza, maestro assaggiatore

Cheeses according to Ugo Bonazza, master taster

October 25, 2018

In front of a cheese counter my first question is "Which will be the good one?". Realizing that beyond the usual suspects, of which you don't even remember a taste or smell, maybe that's why you always buy them, you eat them without thinking ... you feed yourself ... you feed ...

But how do I know which is the good one? I claim the right to go to a shop, a supermarket where someone can explain the cheese to me!

They will tell me, this is VERY GOOD !!!

I understand, I have to make do but how? Simple I take some time (a few minutes) no longer just to feed myself or feed myself by watching television or smart-phone, I look at the cheese, I touch it, I smell it ... here I am falling in love again, I eat cheese by chewing it quietly ... the sweetness arrives ... a drizzle of salt uhm ... even a slight acidity, what a pleasure I am TASTING and I take the right that no one can tell me what the cheese is like ... now I decide.

Ugo Bonazza

master taster Onaf