Il Bagòss

Bagòss, the typical Bagolino cheese

October 28, 2018

My baptism of Bagòss was a little less than thirty years ago, when I was invited by a friend for advice on Bagolino's tourism future and for lunch with the priest, the carabinieri marshal, the mayor, the pharmacist, the doctor and the councilor for public works of the province of Brescia on the table arrived this big cheese with a dark brown crust, a large slice was cut which was then made into flakes and tasted!

Last Saturday for the umpteenth time I went to Bagolino to be a Juror for a Bagòss competition. As many as 17 companies participated in the competition and I must be honest the real Bagòss is the Bagòss that is produced every day with effort and sweat.

I felt the flavors that I have been feeling for thirty years now, chestnuts, flowers, grass, hay, leather, a spicy note if the cheese has matured for over 2 years. It never changes and the excellence of Brescia cheeses always remains.

This ancient process with cooked pasta, with raw milk of only partially skimmed Alpine brown cow, therefore a semi-fat cheese, without lactose (naturally) like all long-aged cheeses.

What to say, the Bagòss is not impossible to find .... it costs a little more, check that there is the Bagòss brand with a gentian, but it is a cheese that after thirty years you still remember... as the first love.