Cioccolato artigianale

The goodness of artisan chocolate

March 16, 2019

Chocolate is one of the most loved foods ever on earth, worldwide. Children love it as much as adults, it is an extraordinarily energetic food.

Chocolate can be industrial, the one produced in series and that we find on supermarket shelves, or be artisanal.

Artisan chocolate consists of a recipe (in reality there are many different ones, each artisan laboratory follows its own) that allows you to recreate a very high quality chocolate with attention to detail.

Artisan chocolate is more expensive than mass-produced chocolate at the factory and sold on supermarket shelves, but the taste, or rather the experience of flavor, is absolutely not comparable.

Flavor is an experience

The flavor, the experience of the taste of a chocolate bar prepared according to ancient traditional recipes - which change not only from region to region, but also from province to province - are truly unique and unrepeatable. Tasting homemade chocolate means getting your taste buds used to the quality of the products and the main ingredients of this beloved dessert.

Why choose artisanal chocolate?

The advantages over industrially produced chocolate are:

  • attention to detail,

  • the production of fewer pieces that are treated in a more meticulous way,

  • the uniqueness of the single chocolate bar,

  • the use of highly qualified raw materials to bring out the flavor of the pasta.

Furthermore, artisanal chocolate lends itself to a large number of experimentations and customization. Depending on the recipe, it is possible to embellish this dessert with the help of spices, liqueurs, fruit flavors, infusions, coffee.

What is the difference of artisan chocolate?

Artisan chocolate makes the difference for the quality and refinement of raw materials, for the study of the recipe, its interpretation, for the continuous experimentation that allows you to refine the recipes and reach the highest possible quality for your customer.

Each stage of production is carefully checked to ensure that the original recipe is respected and that the product is worked in an excellent way: in this way the final result is always aligned with expectations.

Artisan chocolate is a piece of our culinary history and supporting it means allowing traditions to continue to live, allowing original flavors to continue to persevere even inthe age of technique and mass production like today.


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