Canelin, l'autentico torrone artigianale.

Canelin, the authentic artisan nougat.

November 26, 2020

Today we are talking about a typical dessert of the Christmas Holidays, the Torrone.

We present a specialty of the Eligere Food selection, the Torrone Canelin, produced for generations in a small artisan shop in Piedmont, which still preserves the old traditions.

Giovanni, known as Nani, is a true artisan of nougat, a fantastic nougat, produced by hand, which limits its production to a few kg per day. The first production of Torrone Canelin dates back to 1948, 72 years ago. The recipe for Nougat Canelin dates back to 1886. It was Nani great-grandfather who started the production of Nougat and passed on all its secrets. Today the ancient recipe of Canelin nougat has not changed and continues to preserve the ancient traditions of processing, for a nougat with a hard but crumbly consistency, which crumbles in the mouth.

Nougat Canelin: the Ancient Recipe

As often happens, tradition is simplicity. The Nougat Canelin recipe is made up of a few simple ingredients: wildflower honey, white cane sugar, egg white and “Tonde Gentili” hazelnuts from Langa. Everything else is time and passion.

The day in Signor Giovanni's shop starts very early. Every morning at 6 he starts cooking the nougat dough. It takes about 6 hours to reach the right consistency. While cooking the dough, Giovanni cleans and roasts the hazelnuts, which make up about 70% of the product.

When the dough is ready, the toasted hazelnuts are added and, after a quick stir, the nougat is overturned on the marble table, in wooden molds.The nougats remain to cool on the marble all night before being packaged.

To ensure the dose of crunchy happiness for the holidays, Eligere Food has added the tasty Nougat Canelin to its selection.

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