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Eligere's classic method bubbles

October 19, 2018

Eligere is based in Franciacorta, land of bubbles ...

We will analyze three fundamental aspects, although there is really much more to say ... if, in the end, you get a little thirsty, you already know who to buy a few bottles from! ;)

Let's start with a premise... Franciacorta is a relatively young wine-growing region, it is located in Lombardy and affects 19 municipalities in the province of Brescia. It officially became a designation of origin in 1967 and in a few years it has grown and established itself on the world wine scene.

1- The wine par excellence of this territory is the classic method sparkling wine.What is a classic method? It is a sparkling wine that involves a second alcoholic fermentation (which we call the second fermentation) inside the bottle. A small volume of fermentation, that of the bottle, where aromas and body are concentrated, giving the wine complexity and nuances.Franciacorta Docg lends itself to different interpretations, some of which are destinedfor long refinements to the point of becoming reserves.

2- The dosage intervenes to further enrich the wine. What is the dosage? It is the addition to the wine, at the end of the second fermentation, of a syrup with a variable sugar content. The sugars in the syrup are destined to never be fermented, their purpose is to enrich the wine in the bottle from an organoleptic and sensorial point of view. The most extreme and purist version is the Dosaggio Zero, that is the sparkling wine where no sugars are added during the packaging phase.

3- The production disciplinary establishes the grapes that can be used, which are they? Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco * alternate to give life to different expressions ... we can get Blanc de Blancs or Blanc de Noirs, depending on whether we use only white grapes or only grapesred to produce white wine. It will be a rosé if produced with Pinot Noir vinified in pink;it will be Franciacorta vintage if the grapes used all come from the same harvest period, or extraordinary Cuvée if the wine is born from an assembly of different winesfrom different vintages.

* For the more fiscal ones: since I mentioned the disciplinary, to be honest, I must also mention a fourth grape whose use is foreseen. It is called Erbamat, it can participate for no more than 10%, it is a white grape, indigenous and characterized by rather strong acidity as well as harvest periodslate compared to the other grapes of the territory.

The selection of Franciacorta sparkling wines that Eligere offers you are all products of a small company located on Montorfano, a somewhat inaccessible but extremely charming area which we will talk about next time.