L'intervista al nostro CEO & Founder Marco Cavalleri

The interview with our CEO & Founder Marco Cavalleri

April 23, 2021

Our CEO Marco was interviewed by the Food & Beverage communication agency "Food creativity".

Let's find out his interview together ...

Do you have specific guidelines on which you rely for the selection of the products you offer to your audience?

We select small artisan realities that do not distribute their products to large-scale distribution: we look for products made with love by small producers. We look for passion, we look for the stories of the families behind these products, and every product we insert we go and discover on the spot.

Do you believe that photographic content plays an important role in the promotion of Food & Beverage products?

Sure, absolutely yes.

What are the characteristics of your business that allow you to differentiate yourself from the competition?

We have a high quality selection that is difficult to find, the products are not so many, but they are carefully selected. We are available to the customer at 360 degrees, and we not only deal with online distribution, but we also have a store in Franciacorta and we are always available to assist our customers both in the store and through the chat on the site.