Metodo Classico del Monte Orfano

Monte Orfano Classic Method

January 16, 2019

On Monte Orfano, a stone's throw from the convent of SS. Announced, there is this small "cellar" whose wines are part of our "selection".

Today we want to talk about a new product from the Lenza Franciacorta winery, the "Hal de la Hota" which in the Brescia dialect means "The salt of the dry";

This is a brut nature, classic method, Chardonnay grapes from Monte Orfano, not protected by sulphites;

As our friend Vittorio Lenza, owner of the winery and authentic winemaker, tells us, in this wine we wanted to pay particular attention to the health aspect, avoiding the addition of post-disgorgement sulphites and Vittorio also wanted with the name "Hal del la Hota "tell us when as a child he often heard his father Giuseppe tell a story that takes us back in time.

Why the "Hal de la Hota" or "The salt of the dry"?

The municipality of Coccaglio, in whose banner we find three terracotta wine vessels, housed until not too distant times, in the historic heart of the town, within the perimeter of the Roman Castrum, numerous and ancient cellars used for the vinification of grapes grown on most of the municipal area and beyond.

The hosts of the area, in fact, who in many cases were also the winemakers, said that the grapes and therefore the wines from the adjacent Monte Orfano, thanks to the natural alcohol content and aromatic richness, were suitable for "salting" (or enriching) the wines from from neighboring countries placed on dry land (non-irrigated area) and with a clearly lower ripening potential.

The "Hal del la Hota" comes from the vinification of Chardonnay grapes ripened on the ancient terraces of Monte Orfano in Coccaglio.

It is a classic non-dosed method, ready to drink, savory, intact and vertical.

At the end of the second fermentation it is disgorged only on request and can be tasted immediately as it is not protected by sulphites.