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Home Salty In oil Carloforte Tonnare PIAM

CARLOFORTE TONNARE PIAM has been a company that has been active since 1654, for centuries it has managed the tuna traps in the sea in front of the island of San Pietro (Carloforte) which is located in the south-western end of Sardinia, a strategic point that favors the capture of tuna.

The "tonnara" is a fishing system of ancient Arab tradition; in all the nets, called "island", tuna converge in flocks, here the "slaughter" takes place, nowadays no longer cruel as in the past in order to preserve their precious meat.

A peculiar feature, adopted since ancient times, is the choice of packaging inside rectangular shaped metal boxes (trunks) of various sizes.

CARLOFORTE TONNARE PIAM is the only one to manage a complete supply chain ranging from rush tuna fishing, through processing into canned in oil, to marketing.

It is currently the only ECOCREST certified trap, which ensures that the fishing system is absolutely environmentally friendly and all products come from a controlled supply chain for both quality and working methods.

Discover our selection of Carloforte Red Tuna, practical metal packaging and quality oil guarantee a product that is always fresh and long-lasting.