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Pane Fressa, better known as Carasau bread, has always been the typical bread of Ovodda (Sardinia), characterized by a thin and crunchy sheet, the result of a slow fire roasting that enhances its flavor ensuring a long conservation.

Precisely for this characteristic it has always accompanied the life of Sardinian shepherds, who took it with them during long periods of transhumance, accompanying its consumption with cold cuts and cheeses.

Already prepared in ancient times, during the bread-making ritual the women kneaded before dawn, rolling the dough by hand and baking it with fragrant wood from the Sardinian woods, to achieve the typical cut of the puff pastry in two parts.

A food that has now become part of the island's gastronomy, as an accompaniment to dishes or as the protagonist of historical recipes, Pane Fressa is still produced today in compliance with the Ovoddese tradition, of which the Pane Fressa Bakery is the guardian.