We select excellence according to criteria of goodness, healthiness and sustainability.

We have always been passionate about food and wine and we talk to those who, like us, believe that quality is fundamental and that the best flavors are not found on supermarket shelves.

Our products are all carefully selected, the producers are visited periodically, we have known them for years and we know how they work.

Those who buy our products can count on the quality that only artisanal production can provide.

We think that the most important thing is to pay attention to the shopping every day, the meals we eat at home, the restaurant concerns a marginal number of meals per year.

Food is a "medicine" that we take three times a day.

We invite you to reflect on this and we propose ourselves as the selectors of your pantries and cellars.

Eligere Food

MARCO CAVALLERI - C.E.O. and Founder

I began to approach the world of food and wine in 2011 when, together with some "gourmet" friends, I founded “La Confraternita del Buon Gusto”, a non-profit association dedicated to the development of food and wine culture and charity.

Subsequently, following the experience gained, I began to provide commercial consultancy to small producers, until in 2018 I decided to found Eligere Food.

"We are looking for passion, we look for the stories behind the products, we go to discover and deepen them directly, to get to know the families, the people who with their work create the quality of a product; the trend will lead us to research products that are not only good, but also sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy, thanks to a supply chain that is as transparent and certified as possible."

Marco Cavalleri C.E.O. Eligere Food