Craft Beer - MONEGA (Porter)



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As with any food, it is important to understand its origin starting from the territory. Here we are in the heart of the Camonica Valley, a place where man still has a lot of respect for his own culture and tradition that leads him to live in harmony with nature. Nature that reciprocates with surprising landscapes, an uncontaminated environment and a wealth of water, the main element of beer.

The rest is done by the malts and hops selected of first quality but above all the passion of the three "Balanders" (in the Camunian dialect it means unreliable, joker) as well as owners: Germano, Gottardo and Gianpietro, always looking for new flavors and aromas to create unique and memorable beers, all 100% natural, unpasteurized or filtered and without preservatives.


MONEGA (Porter): High fermentation unfiltered beer with an intense brown color. The beginning is reminiscent of chocolate and coffee while the finish is drier and bitter. Despite this, the 5% alcohol gives good drinkability despite the aromatic complexity. Serve at 11/12 ° with grilled meats, smoked salmon, cocoa or coffee desserts.

FOOD PAIRING: smoked cold cuts, grilled meats, roasted lamb, smoked salmon, tagliatelle with toasted hazelnuts and spicy gorgonzola, cocoa or coffee desserts.

Format: 0,5 lt

Alcoholic content: 5% vol.