Cinnamon Queen Powder


James 1599

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Cinnamon Queen Powder - James 1599

Cinnamon powder Regina di Ceylon is the most prized variety, thanks to the aromatic notes that characterize it. It is a selected product, derived from the youngest barks, rolled and dried. A spice with a delicate, fragrant flavor, full of aroma with a homogeneous and almost impalpable powder.

Cinnamon powder "Regina" is widely used in pastry, for the preparation of puddings, biscuits, cakes, cooked fruit and fruit salads, it can also be used in savory preparations and for recipes of oriental cuisine. It is an ingredient in the curry blend and in other spice blends for meats and sausages. In vegan cuisine it goes perfectly with vegetable couscous, as well as with chutneys and veloutées, strudels and savory muffins.

Format 40 gr.