Homemade jam - Persimmon and star anise


Il giardino felice

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All fruit and vegetables grown as they once were, without the use of pesticides, in the splendid park of Lake Moro.
They are all delicious and easy to combine with fresh or aged cheeses or spread on a nice slice of bread for a snack or breakfast.
Unusual flavors, 70% fruit 30% brown sugar, fresh squeezed lemon juice and local apples as a thickener.

The fruit is grown without the use of pesticides, is harvested without mechanical means and prepared with cooking over the fire as it once was in the next 24 hours.

  • The aromatic herbs are harvested a few days before, washed and dried in a ventilated and shaded place.
  • Processing: After harvesting, the fruit or vegetables are washed, cut, added freshly squeezed organic lemon juice, Italian cane sugar, and any aromatic herbs.
    Everything is left to macerate for 10/12 hours. Once cooking has started, apples come as a thickener. Once the right consistency is reached, everything is blended by means of a mixer and put into jars in an artisanal way. To be sure of a healthy product, the jars are pasteurized for 45 minutes at 80 ° with steam and then the temperature is brought to low temperature in the shortest possible time.
  • We recommend keeping the jars away from heat sources.
  • Once opened, keep refrigerated.

Jar of 220 gr.

Tastes vary according to the season.