Focaccia di Tabiano Chocolate and Pears


Pasticceria di Tabiano

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This sweet focaccia is the identity product of the Tabiano pastry shop. It is part of the leavened dough desserts family, due to the natural leavening process and the complexity of the manufacturing process, it requires about 36 hours of processing.

It is a unique dessert, similar to Christmas panettone or Easter dove in shape, leavening and ingredients, but with a much lower percentage of fat, for this reason it is called Focaccia and not panettone.

To lighten fat, the presence of butter has been reduced: so, if "common panettone, by law, to be recognized as such, must have a quantity of fat not less than 16%," Focaccia "has a even lower lipid: only 11.3%. Inside, chunky fruit processed by Gatti's staff. But the real trademark that makes this leavened product unique is the slightly alcoholic syrup with which it is sprayed after cooking and cooling. A syrup flavored in various ways, according to the type of Focaccia to which it is added. On the one hand, this acts as a natural preservative, on the other it makes the dough always soft and fresh, as well as feeding the gluttony.

Chocolate and pears:

Inside it is enriched with chunky pears and chocolate chips. When cooked, it is flavored with a splash of Grand Marnier syrup to give it an unmistakable aroma.

1 Kg pack.