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Taste and aroma are full, intense, fruity and sweet, you can feel the vegetation with its flowers that reign in this particular mountain pasture area. An advantage. The seasoning requires a periodic cure every 7/20 days after the rasping and subsequent oiling of the rind with linseed oil.

Alpe Vaia cheese is a semi-fat extra-hard cheese, it is produced only in the summer in the Alpe Vaia mountain pasture area (Forests of Lombardy) processed with raw milk with a small addition of saffron. The geographical area of ​​Alpe Vaia is in the municipality of Bagolino. This cheese has only one producer and this particularity makes it unique. Being produced only in the summer period, the milk used to produce this type of cheese is produced by grazing cows.

The cheese is cut manually with a knife, the selling price refers to a piece that can vary from 470 gr to 550 gr and is vacuum packed.

Weight: 500gr