Wine vinegar "the dry of the Borgo" aged in oak barrels - 250 ml


Il borgo del Balsamico

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Dry Vinegar of the Borgo, as wine vinegar used to be called in peasant families, to distinguish it from balsamic vinegar, is obtained from white Trebbiano grapes.

The production of Il Secco del Borgo takes place through the oldest and most natural method, acetification on the wood chips. This method consists in exploiting the acetobacteria located on the surface of wood chips, arranged in the central part of a vat (or in the more modern era of a steel tank), from the top of which the wine is sprayed which, in time, is transformed into vinegar. The Secco del Borgo is then aged in oak barrels, to obtain the warm and amber color and the pungent but deep taste.

We recommend using it for salads, marinades.

250 ml - Acidity 8%