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Mulino Angelica

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Pizzeria mix 1 Kg vacuum packed

From a mixture of ancient grains washed and stone ground. With germ. Ideal for preparing pizzas, sandwiches and desserts with an ancient taste.


To produce an excellent flour, it’s essential not only the quality of the cereal, but also a careful and capable grinding and the company Mulino Angelica is proof of this.
With the method, unique of its kind, conceived by the miller Giuseppe Angelica, the best is obtained from the grinding of durum wheat and soft wheat.

Everything starts from the three millstones, made with natural French La Fertè stone (molar stones made with raw materials extracted from the "La Fertè sous Jouarre" quarries in France) which grind the whole grains of wheat turning them into flour.

The flour is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats, this is because by grinding the whole grains, the germ and the coating (bran) blend perfectly with the flour, obtaining a product with superior flavor and nutritional properties.

Subsequently, through a pneumatic conveying system, the flour passes to the calibration and sifting phase.

Thanks to the plansichter, which are real sieves, the woody part is eliminated to make the final product healthy, digestible and pleasant on the palate. Furthermore, the latter allow the production of various types of products.
By doing this, the right balance between craftsmanship and innovation is achieved.