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Ragout with "Cinta Senese DOP"

The meat of this pig, which is called "di cinta" (cinta = belt) owes its name to the belt of white fur on the back that surrounds its body, darker than the rest. The particular sent of this meat is due to the disciplinary for which it is raised in the wild.

A simply unique ragout.
It is sold with the numbered stamp of the Consorzio della Cinta Senese.
Recommended with tagliatelle or penne.


Jar of 330 gr


Artisanal sauces linked to the culinary tradition of Tuscany made with fine local meat, such as Chianina IGP or Cinta Senese DOP meat. 100% Italian vegetables and tomato pulp are also used: all carefully chosen from the best local producers.

Products based on ancient Tuscan recipes, handed down from generation to generation.

The only utensils used in the preparation are aluminum pans, according to ancient tradition, which allow you to prepare exquisite sauces and condiments, as cooked at home by grandmothers.

No preservatives, dyes and additives are used for preservation, making the house specialties absolutely tasty, genuine and healthy.