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Riso Buono

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"The excellence of rice"

Riso Buono is a company that represents the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.
It is located in the Novara area in Casalbeltrame, on the banks of the Sesia.
The name is a simple act of modesty. Artemide and Carnaroli Gran Riserva are two absolute jewels appreciated by the most important chefs.
There are two types of rice produced both in the Reserve version and in the normal version, packaged in a Bormioli glass jar or in a vacuum bag.


The Artemide variety derives from the cross between Venere rice (with medium grain and black pericarp) and an Indica type rice (with long and narrow grain and white pericarp). It is a brown, aromatic, black rice. Artemide rice has an intense and pleasant aroma and a beautiful elongated shape of the grain. Given its close relationship with Venere rice, it has a very high content of iron and silicon - the latter very important for its antioxidant properties. Artemide rice is excellent cooked with cheeses, fish, vegetables and mushrooms.

1 Kg box.

From 35 minutes up according to taste.