Stigmas of Iranian saffron


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Stigmas of Iranian saffron - James 1599

The stigmas of saffron or saffron in pistils are obtained from a perennial bulb flower, the crocus, and are picked by hand. Defined as the "prozac of mother nature" for its therapeutic properties, it is an exclusive, delicious, warm, unique and precious spice, appreciated since ancient times. For its great value it has always been called "red gold", and was considered a gift from the Gods.

In the kitchen it can be used with bread, biscuits, ice cream, Indian pilaf, rice with milk and steam, white meats, fish, shellfish, delicate sauces. Basic ingredient in recipes such as paella and Milanese risotto. In vegan cuisine it is excellent with vegetables of all kinds and seitan, mopur, wheat muscle, tofu.


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